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Disabled Students' Commission

Enhancing the disabled student experience - DSC annual report published

Advance HE has published the second annual report from the independent group formed to challenge, inform and advise universities and colleges in England to improve support for disabled students.

Assessment and Feedback literature review 2016-2021

Advance HE publishes literature review on assessment and feedback

Impacts of higher education assessment and feedback policy and practice on students: a review of the literature 2016-2021 is a systematic literature review by Edd Pitt and Kathleen M Quinlan from the Centre for the Study of Higher Education at the University of Kent which provides a timely update that will influence the Advance HE transforming assessment in higher education framework.

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Professional Standards Framework Review 2022

The Professional Standards Framework (PSF) has become a globally-recognised framework for benchmarking success within HE teaching and learning. 

Advance HE Strategy 2021-24

Advance HE Strategy 2021-24

In our new strategy we have set out three strategic goals underpinned by six commitments that cover leadership, equality, diversity and inclusion, Charters and Teaching and Learning Accreditation, professional development and governance to guide our work to 2024.

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Teaching and Learning Conference 2022

Teaching in the spotlight: Where next for enhancing student success?

Our flagship three-day conference from 5-7 July 2022 will focus on all aspects of teaching and learning in higher education from the UK and overseas, designed to create space for delegates to engage in creative thinking around teaching and learning.

Global leadership survey

Global leadership survey and framework

Working with the sector, Advance HE plans to develop a global survey for leadership in higher education, research institutes and related organisations. 

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Curriculum Reviews

Supporting the development of inclusive curricula for student and institutional success
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From 17 June 2022

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion workshops

Challenging privilege, navigating intersectionality (17 June). Allyship and the anti-racist campus (27 June).
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Gender in HE Conference 2022
16 June 2022 | the studio, Birmingham

Gender in Higher Education Conference 2022

Current, complex, contested: Conversations about Gender in HE
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News + Views

Connect Benefit Series 2021-22

Free and exclusive to all colleagues at Advance HE member institutions, the Connect Benefit series of thematic projects provides a collaborative space for our members from across the globe to work with us and each other in understanding and addressing their key challenges. 

Connect Benefit Series:

Student Success

Focussing on access, retention, attainment and progression and embedding employability in higher education.
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EDI Conference 2022
Connect Benefit Series:

Inclusive institutions: enabling and supporting culture change

Addressing the barriers that limit access and belonging in higher education.
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Connect Benefit Series:

Organisational Wellbeing

Explores the link between healthy and prosperous universities and the wellbeing of staff and students.
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