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Social Distancing

NEW - Creating Socially Distanced Campuses and Education

Find out more about our Creating Socially Distanced Campuses and Education project and the topics that it will address.

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Research Team Leadership in Changing Times - Online Programme

Enhance your leadership capability and gain practical skills on our Research Team Leadership in Changing Times online programme starting on 8 July 2020.

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Helping higher education shape its future

We are Advance HE. We believe excellence is achieved by people. Removing the barriers, so all can succeed; driving positive change, to make higher education better for all.


Enhancing Organisational Performance

We support effective governance and build capacity and capability to deliver sustainable change and positive responses to emerging challenges.


Developing People

We will help you develop the next generation of leaders and practitioners, and connect people so they can share knowledge and insight to progress HE.


Accrediting and Celebrating Success

We develop our frameworks and charters, providing accreditation services and awards that celebrate success, deliver impact and further development.

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NEW - Creating Socially Distanced Campuses and Education

A rapid, generative project to collaboratively explore creating socially distanced campuses and education.
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Do you know which category of Fellowship is right for you?

The Fellowship Category Tool has been designed to assist you in selecting the category of Fellowship that is the closest match to your current practice.
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News + Views

11 hours ago
As part of our next virtual Innovation in Teaching Practice Workshop, we will explore the impact of AI on learning, teaching and assessment approaches and how can you use AI to enhance the student experience and support learning. Find out more: #highered
1 day ago
Unlocking the puzzle of positive motivation our new publication about the hidden energies that drive performance #LeaderSum20 #leadership #HigherEd
1 day ago
Member-led Strategic Advisory Groups will continue to ensure that we develop work in areas that deliver the most value for institutions in 20-21. This includes influence over development of publications and exclusive access to the outcomes. Find out more:
1 day ago
@bb_bassa will be leading our 'What do we mean by leading with humanity? Why does it matter?' virtual panel session as part of the virtual #LeaderSum20 on 10 June. Find out more and book your place: #leadership #highered
1 day ago
Very pleased to join as an @AdvanceHE senior fellow the ranks of those wiser and more experienced than I in the teaching domain and to continue to hone my teaching and learning practice in the coming years. Thanks to my generous peer referees and to the assessors. @QUTlearn #QALT
1 day ago
Fab webinar from @AdvanceHE (at 7am!) discussing governance in a dynamic world. Great to pop the headphones on and make some housework wins at the same time...reflection, is online a leap forward for enabling board diversity? @AdvanceHE #governance #webinar #highereducation
1 day ago
Don't miss the chance to share your experiences of successfully engaging with students and other stakeholders via virtual platforms. Submit an abstract for the #OnlineCurriculumSymp on 14 July 2020. The call closes at 12pm on 2 June 2020. Find out more:
1 day ago
Bring your own breakfast and coffee to this morning’s @AdvanceHE webinar! ☕️
2 days ago
Don't miss out on the chance to sign up for our latest @AdvanceHE free Member Benefit Webinar. Friday, July 7am. Global Perspectives: Governing universities: Solutions for a dynamic world - and applicable to all HE providers, and not just universities!