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Measuring what matters

Irish Strategic Advisory Board

Shaping the activity and future direction of our organisation in Ireland.

Advance HE’s Strategic Advisory Groups actively engage Advance HE’s members in shaping the activity and future direction of our organisation's work. They build sector confidence and trust in Advance HE, whilst identifying opportunities to create future products and services that meet members’ needs.

Advance HE’s Strategic Advisory Groups:

  • review and shape Advance HE’s priorities within each relevant area
  • identify current and emerging strategic issues, challenges and opportunities to inform the future work of Advance HE
  • consider the implications of thematic areas of work for each relevant area
  • advise Advance HE on implementing an integrated approach, maximising the synergies between the areas of equality, leadership, governance and education.

Apply to be a member

To apply, please submit a CV and covering letter of no more than two sides to by Friday 23 August 2024.

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The Irish Strategic Advisory Board

The Irish Strategic Advisory Board will be responsible for:

  • providing strategic advice and guidance to shape Advance HE’s operational strategy in Ireland
  • providing direction, scrutiny and critical challenge to support the development of Advance HE’s services in order to maximise the value of Advance HE’s work in Ireland
  • providing updates to the wider Advance HE Board of Directors informing Advance HE’s regional and international strategic thinking
  • identifying current and emerging issues, challenges, and opportunities, in relation to Advance HE’s areas of focus and work with the sector in Ireland
  • supporting the development of appropriate Strategic Partnerships that facilitate solutions for the Ireland sector in Advance HE’s areas of activity
  • receiving updates from any agreed relevant sector networks and seeking to maximise the benefits for members
  • receiving updates from Advance HE on its global activities and seeking to inform future work and maximise the benefits for members
  • convening and chairing an annual meeting of executive teams of Advance HE member institutions in the Republic of Ireland, to share best practice, solutions and impact of the work of ISAB and other areas of activity of value to member institutions. This would be aimed at Presidents and Vice Presidents of those member institutions
  • providing critical input to and feedback on Advance HE’s communications and member engagement in Ireland.
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Call for members

Advance HE is currently taking applications to become a member of the Irish Strategic Advisory Board. The deadline to apply is Friday 23 August 2024.

Person specification for members: 

  • Successful record of leading and/or managing leadership and organisational development, governance, EDI, or learning and teaching OR Evidence of senior leadership in a higher education or research institution, with a record of experience across a range of functions within an Advance HE member higher education institution or research institution based in the Republic of Ireland.
  • High level of understanding of HE in a variety of contexts.
  • Appreciation of the HE policy landscape in Ireland, in particular, organisation strategy and development within HEIs.
  • Commitment to upholding the values and principles of Advance HE.
  • Experience of Board and Committee work.
  • Highly developed interpersonal and communications skills.
  • Ability to understand complex strategic issues, and analyse and resolve difficult problems.
  • Sound independent judgement, common sense, and diplomacy.
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Diversity of Perspectives

In selecting Board members, consideration will be given to having a diversity of perspectives by ensuring the following:

  • A mixture of experience and knowledge across a range of HEIs within the region (e.g. University, Technological Universities, small and specialist, etc.)
  • A mixture of knowledge across the key Advance HE service areas (i.e. Learning and teaching, EDI, Governance, Leadership)
  • A mixture of understanding of staff and student concerns, and various functional areas (e.g. Academic, Research, Professional Services, Undergraduate or Postgraduate)
  • Representation of a diversity of protected characteristics within Irish legislation.
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  • Members must be available to attend three Strategic Advisory Group meetings per academic year. One meeting would be face-to-face and the other two meetings would take place online via Zoom.  
  • Appointments to our Strategic Advisory Groups will be made for a two-year term in the first instance. 
  • All members will be reviewed at the end of each term to ensure fresh and diverse perspectives.

To apply, please submit a CV and covering letter of no more than two sides to by Friday 23 August 2024.