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Advance HE Scotland

Member benefits and resources developed specifically for institutions in Scotland

In Scotland, Advance HE continues to work closely with Scottish Universities and Colleges and the Scottish Funding Council, and works alongside Universities Scotland, QAA Scotland, and sparqs.

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Advance HE Scotland Team

We have a dedicated Edinburgh office with a team of eight who's profiles you will find below. We also have Scottish and UK based Associates with expertise in leadership, governance, equality and diversity, teaching and learning who have a good understanding of the Scottish context in these disciplines.

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Advance HE Membership in Scotland

In 2019-20, we were proud that 18 of the 19 Scottish HE institutions, two Colleges and one Professional Body chose to be members of Advance HE.

In 2020-21, Scottish member institutions will have access to the wide range of Advance HE UK member benefits detailed on our Membership webpage. These include COVID-19 themed resources (webinars, blogs and reports) and member benefit projects such as Creating Socially Distanced Campuses and Education.

Access for all Scottish colleges and universities to Advance HE’s equality and diversity work is supported by the Scottish Funding Council.

Scotland member benefits 2020-21

In addition to access to the range of UK Member Benefits, Scottish member institutions also have access to a suite of Scotland-specific member benefits which will include:

  • Nation’s Strategic Organisational Response initiative (full members)
  • Scottish Organisational Development event (all members)
  • Scottish ‘Getting to Grips with Principal Fellowship’ workshop (all members)
  • Scottish networks facilitated by Advance HE (all members) including Scottish Principal Fellows network and Scottish NTFS/CATE winners network
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Tackling racism on campus: Raising awareness and creating the conditions for confident conversations

An Advance HE Project funded by SFC and led by an expert group of EDI practitioners, academics, tertiary education staff and students.

In Scotland, we recognise that the issues raised are not contained to university campuses but reflect the experience of the black and minority ethnic population in Scotland. Accordingly, we recognise that the experience that staff and students report in our universities is likely to be experienced in our colleges. For this reason, this project will provide resources for use in both colleges and universities. The aim is that a student or staff member moving between sectors or moving from one institution to another will understand the expectation placed on them with regard to acceptable behaviours and that they will have the confidence that there is a zero-tolerance approach to racial harassment on campus.

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Anti-Racist Curriculum Project

The Anti-Racist Curriculum Project is a new collaborative research project funded by SFC and in collaboration with QAA Scotland that aims to understand and support the development of an anti-racist curriculum for universities and colleges in Scotland.

The Anti-Racist Curriculum Project presents an exciting opportunity to further capitalise on the current sector wide commitment to tackle racism in the Scottish HE and FE sector. This will build on the excellent work of the SFC funded ‘Tackling Racism on Campus project and involves a strategic collaboration between Advance HE and the next Enhancement Themes programme of activity (managed on behalf of the sector by QAA Scotland).

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Scotland thematic series

The Advance HE (AHE) Scotland Thematic Series focuses on specific learning and teaching themes. It brings together existing select AHE and non-AHE resources and sources new case studies of practice. It aims to guide practitioners to relevant material and experiences to support them in developing their own teaching practice. The thematic series so far can be found below:

Active Learning

Active learning (AL) is any learning in which students are actively engaged in and required to think about the learning process. It is often contrasted with the traditional lecture and encompasses a wide range of teaching strategies that have been the subject of much research.
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The Intercultural Curriculum

The intercultural curriculum is many ways an aspirational curriculum, aiming to challenge the dominant western approaches to learning and teaching and make explicit the value of our individual diverse learner experiences.
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Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL)

Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) can be defined as any form of digital education either in or outside a physical classroom, to support active student learning.
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Strategic Equality Impact Assessment

Practical guidance for Scottish colleges and universities on a taking a strategic approach

Demonstrating equality is at the heart of your strategy and practice. This guidance links to a Scottish project on conducting EIA at a strategic level and provides a number of tools and resources to support the process.

Equality impact assessment (EIA) is a tool to help colleges and universities assess decisions, policies and practices for staff and students, actively promote equality and avoid inadvertent discrimination for any protected group.

This guidance, funded by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), was developed by Advance HE in collaboration with several Scottish college and university partners.

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Equality in colleges in Scotland: statistical report 2018
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