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NTFS Allyship Scheme

The Allyship scheme is an important development to help to increase the representation, progression, and success of individuals identified as being from an under-represented group(s) in the NTFS.

The National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) recognises, rewards and celebrates individuals who have made an outstanding impact on student outcomes and the teaching profession within UK higher education.

Equality impact assessment reports have consistently found that there are several under-represented groups in the National Teaching Fellows community:

  • Staff in college-based HE providers
  • Staff from a minority ethnic background
  • Part-time or fractional staff
  • Professional services staff

Although not identified in the reports, disabled staff are also an under-represented group in the NTF community.

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The Allyship scheme is an important step that will assist in improving the representation, progression, and achievement of those who have been identified as belonging to underrepresented groups in the NTFS. On the Advance HE website, potential NTFs from underrepresented groups will be able to look for an ally.

Current NTF members can become allies by submitting the form and then the digital NTFS badge will be added to their profile on the Advance HE website. Aspiring NTFs from under-represented groups will be able to search for an Ally on the Advance HE website. 

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Become an Ally

In choosing to become an Ally, register your interest by completing the Allyship Expression of Interest Form

An Allyship badge will be added to the Advance HE web profile to indicate that you are open to helping/advising aspiring NTFs. This is not intended to act as a ‘mentoring’ scheme but provides an opportunity for National Teaching Fellows to share their personal story and advice with aspiring NTFS applicants. 

We particularly encourage participation from NTFs from under-represented groups or from NTFs who have specialist experience working with under-represented groups (e.g. institutional EDI leaders).

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