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National Teaching Fellows

The National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) Scheme celebrates and recognises individuals who have made an outstanding impact on student outcomes and the teaching profession in higher education. Meet the National Teaching Fellows below.
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National Teaching Fellowship Scheme

Find out more about NTFS, now in its 21th year with over 900 National Teaching Fellows.
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National Teaching Fellows

Professor Shushma Patel
Job Title:Director of Education and Student Experience Professor of Information Systems
Institution: London South Bank University
Year: 2020
Professor Shushma Patel takes a keen interest in facilitating students from varied backgrounds to succeed in their studies and pursue fruitful careers. She is Professor of Information Systems and Director of Education and Student Experience at London South Bank University.
Dr Donna Peberdy
Job Title:Course Leader/Senior Lecturer in Film and Television
Institution: Solent University
Year: 2020
Dr Donna Peberdy is Senior Lecturer and Course Leader of BA Film and Television and MA Film Production at Solent University, Southampton. She is committed to transforming the student experience of higher education through creative, experiential and authentic teaching, learning and assessment design that boosts self-efficacy, confidence and employability.
Dr Julia Petty
Job Title:Senior Lecturer in Children's Nursing
Institution: University of Hertfordshire
Year: 2020
Dr Julia Petty is a Senior Lecturer in Children’s Nursing with a specific passion and interest as a subject-specialist in the field of neonatal nurse education. Through this, she aims to enhance knowledge and the learning experience of students and staff in this specialism, locally, nationally and globally.
Dr Sheila Quaid
Job Title:Senior Lecturer Sociology and Social Sciences
Institution: University of Sunderland
Year: 2020
Dr Sheila Quaid’s sociological teaching has led to a unique and portable methodology for creating powerful learning spaces with innovative and interdisciplinary professional practice. The Quaid-Thoughtful Approach was achieved through an extraordinary connection with participatory arts project Thoughtfoundation. It is a value-driven, portable and transferable method for participatory arts-based action learning, which achieves consistent depth of learning along with funding and national network.
Emma Rand
Job Title:Senior Lecturer (Department of Biology)
Institution: University of York
Year: 2020
Emma Rand is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Biology at the University of York. She is an ardent champion for statistical programming and reproducibility and takes particular pleasure in enthusing sometimes wary biologists. She contributes to CPD programmes for the Biochemical Society and the Royal Society of Biology.
Dr Simon Rees
Job Title:Associate Professor (Teaching): Head of Researcher and Education Development
Institution: Durham University
Year: 2020
Creative thinking lies at the heart of Simon Rees’ educational philosophy to widen participation in chemistry. All too often, science is perceived as an “uncreative” subject and it is his desire to challenge these misconceptions and develop the notion of “creative chemistry”.
Fiona Roberts
Job Title:Teaching Excellence Fellow
Institution: Robert Gordon University
Year: 2020
Joining the School of Health Sciences at Robert Gordon University in 2005, Fiona Roberts has been a leader in teaching and learning responsible for many initiatives that have enhanced the student experience. As a Teaching Excellence Fellow she is now one of the leaders in learning and teaching across the University.
Professor Rachel Sara
Job Title:Oscar Naddermier Professor of Architecture
Institution: Birmingham City University
Year: 2020
Rachel Sara’s influence on architecture education is underpinned by a desire to support a diverse range of students into the architecture profession, which is still unrepresentative. Through championing live projects, her feminist manifesto, and work on the ‘crit’ she promotes more supportive, inclusive models of education which generate civic agency.
Professor Michael Seery
Job Title:Professor of Chemistry Education
Institution: University of Edinburgh
Year: 2020
Michael Seery is Professor of Chemistry Education and the Director of Teaching in the School of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh. His research explores learning in laboratories and supporting students’ independent learning through curriculum design. He is the Editor in Chief of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) journal Chemistry Education Research and Practice.
Siân Shaw
Job Title:Director Learning, Teaching and Assessment
Institution: Anglia Ruskin University
Year: 2020
Siân Shaw is Director of Learning, Teaching and Assessment at Anglia Ruskin University. She is a Principal Fellow and University Teaching Fellow. This status has been achieved through championing digital pedagogic innovation including the use of electronic practice assessment and virtual reality placement scenarios for nurses.
Dr David Simm
Job Title:Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography
Institution: Bath Spa University
Year: 2020
Dr David Simm is an advocate for teaching and learning to be a dialogue between students and with tutors through co-production. Using innovative approaches such as peer teaching and learning on international fieldwork, students are empowered with their own and others’ learning leading to contextualised, experiential and transformative learning.
Liz Simpson
Job Title:Lecturer, Interprofessional Simulation Centre Co-ordinator
Institution: Glasgow Caledonian University
Year: 2020
A nurse lecturer since 2003, Liz Simpson’s special interests are using Simulation Based Education (SBE) to develop students' practical and critical thinking skills, and engaging students with Participant Response Systems (PRS). She is passionate about providing parity in the student experience, enhancing the learning environment and supporting colleagues in their teaching and academic careers.