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National Teaching Fellows

The National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) Scheme celebrates and recognises individuals who have made an outstanding impact on student outcomes and the teaching profession in higher education. Meet the National Teaching Fellows below.
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National Teaching Fellowship Scheme

Find out more about NTFS, now in its 19th year with over 850 National Teaching Fellows.
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National Teaching Fellows

Kamran Ali NTF 2019
Job Title:Professor of Dental Education and Consultant in Oral Surgery
Institution: University of Plymouth
Year: 2019
Dr Kamran Ali works as a Professor of Dental Education and Consultant in Oral Surgery at Peninsula Dental School University of Plymouth. With a track record of over 22 years as a university academic, he is a Principal Fellow and received an Excellence in Dental Education – Mature Educator Award by the Association For Dental Education in Europe.
Professor Jo Angouri
Job Title:Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Centre for Applied Linguistics and Strategic Lead for Internationalisation
Institution: University of Warwick
Year: 2019
Professor Jo Angouri's vision for student empowerment focuses on creating the conditions and support for students to take ownership of their learning and to develop a clear voice and a global outlook through their higher education journey. Jo believes it is important to weave into the fabric of the student academic experience the development of a research mindset and skills, whilst at the same time enable students to apply their knowledge to real world challenges, disseminate their work beyond academia from a very early stage and support them to make a difference in the world.
Lee Fawcett
Job Title:Lecturer in Statistics
Institution: Newcastle University
Year: 2019
Lee Fawcett has been a Lecturer in Statistics at Newcastle University since 2006. He has trialled various innovations to promote active student learning to both Mathematics undergraduates and subject non-specialists. He contributes to the pedagogic literature, and promotes Applied Statistics through his role as the Royal Statistical Society William Guy Lecturer.
Dr Richard Ayres
Job Title:Associate Professor, Lead for Population Health
Institution: University of Plymouth
Year: 2019
Dr Richard Ayres' former students are now health professionals in many disciplines in the UK and around the world. They make a positive impact having provided health care to many thousands of people. Richard feels that they are much better prepared than he was when he started out; for the part he played in their journeys he is extremely proud.
Gem Barton
Job Title:Principal lecturer
Institution: University of Brighton
Year: 2019
A hands-on and inspirational teacher with innovative and often radical views about the future of education and creative practice, Gem Barton balances her passion for teaching excellence with her empathy for others. Her research interests lie in the power of imagination and creative communication, centering on the theme of ‘experimental realisms’.
Rachel Bolton-King
Job Title:Associate Professor of Forensic Science
Institution: Staffordshire University
Year: 2019
Dr Rachel Bolton-King is Associate Professor of Forensic Science at Staffordshire University. She is committed to developing novel approaches that bring students, researchers and practitioners together to advance professional skills and improve criminal justice practices for the benefit of society.
Jacqueline Brodie
Job Title: Associate Professor Entrepreneurship and Head of Learning and Teaching
Institution: Edinburgh Napier University
Year: 2019
Dr Jackie Brodie is Head of Learning and Teaching at Edinburgh Napier Business School. She is also an Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation and a Senior Fellow of the HEA. Jackie has led several funded technology enhanced learning projects, and has particular expertise in online learning.
Dr Rachael Carkett
Job Title:Senior Academic Staff Developer
Institution: University of Bath
Year: 2019
Dr Rachael Carkett has drawn on her life experiences and professional development activities to enhance the teaching profession and transform the practice of HE professionals who teach students. Her expertise in educational and academic development has benefited the professional development provision in many HEIs and educational organisations in the UK and overseas.
Paul Chesterton
Job Title:Senior Lecturer
Institution: Teesside University
Year: 2019
Mr Paul Chesterton is a Senior Lecturer at Teesside University and qualified physiotherapist with an extensive background in healthcare. Through his key areas of activity: Reflective Practice, Students as Partners and Employability, Paul has transformed the pedagogical approach within his subject. His passion is to bridge the gap between education and practice.
Anna Coonan-Byrom
Job Title:Senior Midwifery Lecturer
Institution: University of Central Lancashire
Year: 2019
Anna Coonan-Byrom is a Senior Midwifery Educator at the University of Central Lancashire, working in higher education since 2010. Respecting students as partners, Anna has innovated across midwifery education, utilising case-based learning, forum theatre and digital technology methods to stimulate active and social learning to build global learning communities.
Dr Jane Creaton
Job Title:Associate Dean (Academic) and Reader in Higher Education
Institution: University of Portsmouth
Year: 2019
Dr Jane Creaton is Associate Dean and Reader in Higher Education at the University of Portsmouth. Her expertise is in doctoral education, particularly professional doctorates and mental health and wellbeing. Working in partnership with students, she is committed to creating supportive and inclusive learning environments in which all doctoral researchers can achieve their full potential.
Dr Julie Hyde
Job Title:Senior University Teacher
Institution: University of Sheffield
Year: 2019
A Senior University Teacher at The University of Sheffield, Dr Julie Hyde gained qualifications by studying part-time whilst working in the chemical industry. She designed, developed and teaches laboratory chemistry on a joint UK-China BSc which she enjoys. Through her Royal Society of Chemistry voluntary work, she publicises chemistry with her fun “Perkins Purple” lecture!