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National Teaching Fellows

The National Teaching Fellowship (NTF) Scheme celebrates and recognises individuals who have made an outstanding impact on student outcomes and the teaching profession in higher education. Meet the National Teaching Fellows below.
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National Teaching Fellowship Scheme

Find out more about NTFS, now in its 21st year with over 900 National Teaching Fellows.
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National Teaching Fellows

Anne McNamara NTFS
Job Title:Professor
Institution: University of Surrey
Year: 2022
Anna McNamara is a passionate advocate for inclusion and access to training for the creative industries. An award winning teacher, she has published and presented internationally and is invested in working with practitioners to develop teaching and scholarship opportunities. A committed change-maker, her innovation and impact projects extend around the world.
Amanda Millmore
Job Title:Associate Professor in Law
Institution: University of Reading
Year: 2022
Amanda is a former practising barrister now teaching Law to undergraduates using approaches which enhance employability and expand traditional disciplinary pedagogy. Amanda’s focus on student partnership and support is transformative in improving student teaching and learning experiences, and her influential collaborative approach is bringing about institutional culture change.
Dr Farhang Morady
Job Title:Principal Lecturer
Institution: University of Westminster
Year: 2022
Dr Farhang Morady is the pioneer of the Democratic Education Network, a student-focused initiative that has built links with several ethnic communities in London and various partners at an international level, including Georgia, Peru, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam.
Dr Norbert Morawetz
Job Title:Professor in Entrepreneurship and Digital Innovation
Institution: University of Reading
Year: 2022
Dr Norbert Morawetz is Associate Professor in Entrepreneurship at Henley Business School, University of Reading. He is a leading Enterprise Educator and innovator in learning technology, having designed and developed learning software which supports the digital upskilling and employability of tens of thousands of learners in the UK and internationally.
Dr Colm Murphy
Job Title:Senior Lecturer
Institution: Ulster University
Year: 2022
Dr Colm Murphy has been at the forefront of the transformation of international journalism education to prepare it for the multimedia age. The Ulster University senior lecturer has led projects to enhance the safety of journalists internationally, diversity in the newsroom and develop lifelong learning for journalists.
R Nawaz staffs
Job Title:Pro Vice Chancellor (Digital Transformation)
Institution: Staffordshire University
Year: 2022
Professor Raheel Nawaz, Pro Vice Chancellor (Digital Transformation) at Staffordshire University, is an international thought leader in Digital Education and industry-academia co-design. He is among the most cited scholars worldwide in Applied AI and Educational Data Science. His work has resulted in outstanding student achievement across 3 continents.
Dr Alex Owen
Job Title:Senior Academic Developer
Institution: University of Liverpool
Year: 2022
Dr Alex Owen is a Senior Academic Developer and leads the Peer Learning portfolio for The Academy at the University of Liverpool. Alex works in collaboration with colleagues from across the institution and beyond to enhance the development of excellence in learning and teaching through the use of professional dialogue.
Professor Bhavik Anil Patel
Job Title:Professor of Clinical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
Institution: University of Brighton
Year: 2022
NTFS Ally, supporting applications from: Staff from a minority ethnic background
Bhavik Patel is a Professor in the School of Applied Sciences at the University of Brighton. He is passionate about developing and implementing innovative educational practices which focus on enhancing employability skills and understanding the barriers faced by minority ethnic students in higher education.
Dr Claire V.S. Pike
Job Title:Deputy Dean (Education); Professor of Education Enhancement and Leadership
Institution: Anglia Ruskin University
Year: 2022
Claire is passionate about the power of education to positively transform peoples’ lives and is proud to hold PFHEA status. As Deputy Dean (Education) at Anglia Ruskin University, she leads curriculum development, academic quality, student achievement and the student experience across a wide range of courses and disciplines.
Kelly Louise Preece
Job Title:Head of Academic Development and Skills
Institution: University of Exeter
Year: 2022
NTFS Ally, supporting applications from: Disabled colleagues, Professional services colleagues
Kelly Louise Preece is the Researcher Development Manager for PGRs at the University of Exeter. She leads on the provision of professional development for PGRs taking a holistic and inclusive approach to Researcher Development, designing training programmes and learning inventions that support the researcher as a person.
Dr Jennifer Randall
Job Title:Senior Lecturer in Global Health
Institution: Queen Mary University of London
Year: 2022
Jennifer Randall is a medical anthropologist and public health educator. She believes teaching is not the transmission of information but a transformation of identities. Her passion for teaching has supported thousands of students to leave their classroom feeling empowered to engage others in critical dialogue on important social issues.
L mcmillan
Job Title:Professor of Criminology and Sociology
Institution: Glasgow Caledonian University
Year: 2022
Professor Lesley McMillan is Professor of Criminology and Sociology with a passionate interest in institutional responses to gender based violence. She is committed to transforming how universities prevent and respond to gender based violence to change cultures and create a learning environment that is safe, equitable, accessible and inclusive.