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Digital Assessment@Brunel

A diverse team comprising academics, students, examinations, digital education, estates, information services and administrators have worked in an integrated manner bringing a vast range of skills together to deliver power, Wi-Fi, training support and academic guidance. Together, the team made it possible to deliver a successful digital assessment platform in three years.
Faculty Departments
Department of Computer Science
Brunel University London

This diverse team represents the wide-ranging needs of a successful Bring Your Own Device Digital Examinations system. Academic leadership has been essential to providing the impetus for the implementation, but the smooth delivery has required the integrated cooperation of a disparate range of people from across the university. The smooth running of the system has required infrastructure laid down by colleagues from estates and information services to provide power, space, spare laptops and wireless networking.

The organisation of digital assessments has required changes in practice for the examinations team and administrators supporting students and staff in academic departments. The Digital Education team, assisted by a number of PhD students have provided the training support for both staff and students in the transition and continued enhancement of the use of digital assessment. The system has been integrated into existing IT infrastructure by the developers in the student records team. If any of these elements had been missing, it would not have been possible to deliver an integrated, end-to-end, university-wide digital assessment platform for high-stakes examinations with so little disruption in only three years.

The Digital Assessment Team

Academics: Alistair John – Lecturer (Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences); Simon Kent – Director of Learning and Teaching, Computer Science; Mariann Rand-Weaver - Vice-Provost (Education).
Digital Education Team: Claudia Cox, Sulanie Peramunagama - Digital Assessment Advisers; Alice La-Rooy – Head of Digital Education.
Examinations: Maria Hunter – Examinations Manager.
Information Services: Simon Furber – Network Manager; Sarah Gardner - Head of Customer Services; Paul Kirk – PC Support.
Estates: Stuart Bonney – Senior Projects Officer.
SITS (Student Records): Madhavi Thottempudi – SITS Project Officer; Jen Kendall – SITS Development Officer.
Departmental Administrators: Emma Batley - Senior Student Programmes Administrator; Sara Brown – Student Programmes Manager.
PhD Students (Student Associate Learning Technologists): Babak Hosseininezhad Rahi, Nurul Md Saleh, Diana Suleimenova.