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PEETS - Promoting Excellence in Employability and Transversal Skills

A collaboration of Glasgow Caledonian University, Lahti University of Applied Science, The Hague University of Applied Science and Constructionarium (Scotland) Ltd. A multi-disciplinary initiative to develop students’ potential through studying abroad is having success at three European universities in partnership with industry. The PEETS project is enabling students/staff from Scotland, Finland and the Netherlands to become global citizens through building renewable energy installations like wind turbines in each other’s countries.
Faculty Departments
Civil Engineering and Environmental Management
Glasgow Caledonian University

The multidisciplinary team comprises Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) in Scotland, Lahti University of Applied Science (LAMK) in Finland, The Hague University of Applied Science (THUAS) in The Netherlands and industry collaborator Constructionarium (Scotland) Ltd. PEETS received initial funding through the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership scheme.

Whilst the team have access to a wide resource base (e.g. student wellbeing, diversity and careers support) from their institutions, the core team includes: Bob Gilmour, overall coordination and civil engineering (GCU), Caroline Gallagher, environmental management (GCU), Sari Horn, study visits (LAMK), Juha Hyytiainen, technology (LAMK), Tim Hoppen, marketing and dissemination (THUAS), Jantien Belt, international competences and evaluation (THUAS), Dale Lyon, Industry perspective and experiential learning (Constructionarium Scotland Ltd).

As a team they produce multidisciplinary and intercultural learning designs and resources to enhance students’ professional development including:

  • Researching skills for the renewables sector.
  • Group work (with up to 14 nationalities) - developing competencies and transferable skills.
  • Development of videos and blogs.
  • Construction of renewables facilities (windturbines/solar panels)
  • Industry visits (e.g. Scottish Power, Cruachan Hydro-power scheme, ABB – multinational technology company Helsinki, Sustainable The Hague).
  • Annual 10-day international intensive study period (ISP) for 48 students, mentors and staff from the three universities in Scotland, Finland or the Netherlands.
  • ICApp – student app monitoring international competency development. PEETS cuts across thematic priorities and delivers numerous outputs/outcomes associated with education for sustainable development, intercultural learning, employability and staff development.  

PEETS has:

  • Produced open education transferable learning outputs (ICApp, ISP model, five ECTS credit module) which are enhancing students experience, knowledge and improving their international competence.
  • Enhanced staff expertise and productivity, creating new processes, publications, grant applications and curriculum design.
  • Enhanced institutional facilities and reputation including contributing towards KPIs (NSS, international mobility and employability).

The outputs/outcomes have been disseminated to over 50,000 people in 10 countries across three continents. The initiative has come a long way from a group of like-minded staff keen to support students as they develop into employable “global citizens”. Through excellent collaboration, they have  developed and improved as learners, teachers and learning facilitators. Together, the team has produced transformative experiences for students (and staff) and delivered significant impacts across the institutions as a high-performance multi-disciplinary and intercultural team.