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UWE Team Entrepreneurship Programme Team

UWE’s Team Entrepreneurship Programme Team, practice what they preach! Their radical programme requires students to manage their own learning, work in teams, and use entrepreneurial competencies to generate value. The programme team model the way, believing that they should not ask students to do what they do not do themselves!
University of the West of England

Established in 2013, BA (Business) Team Entrepreneurship is a pioneering degree programme with 145 students (“Team Entrepreneurs” or TEs). Learning is facilitated within Team Companies of up to 20 TEs who develop their enterprising and entrepreneurial competencies through hands-on experiences, including setting up ventures and working on real-world challenges for external organisations. Inspired by “Team Academy” (TA) originating in Finland, the TE programme offers a practice-led enterprise-orientated programme of learning designed around four defining characteristics referred to as ‘Strands’;    

‘Team Companies’, run by TEs and supported by a Team Coach, act as a Learning Organisation where TEs work together to support, challenge and validate their learning.      

‘Self-Managed-Learning’, enabling TEs to create, monitor and evaluate their own programme of learning within a Learning Contract, negotiated and agreed with their Team Company and Team Coach.     

‘Learning-by-Doing’, enabling TEs to develop and evidence their entrepreneurial competencies through practice.    

‘Learning-from-Others’, enabling TEs to undertake research and enquiry to explore and evaluate the knowledge and understanding of others.       

A revised TE programme launched in September 2020, with a clear structure aligned to the strands above. The Team Entrepreneurship Programme Team (TEPT) comprises of nine lecturers who act as Team Coaches. They each support the development of TEs within one Team Company and coordinate the development of the programme. The team shares academic, programme design and team coaching responsibilities, such as academic research, marketing, module leadership, and networking with external stakeholders. A defining feature of the TEPT is that “we practice what we preach.” The team supports each other’s professional development, engaging in a process that is transformative, through negotiating and agreeing our own Learning Contracts, engaging in group supervision on coaching practice, and consistently reflecting on and co-creating ways to enhance the TEs learning experiences.