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Towards Embedding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Curriculum Project

The Towards Embedding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in the Curriculum Project is a collaboration between Advance HE and UK-based higher education providers (HEPs).

This collaborative project is now closed for new participants

In the contexts of increasingly diverse student bodies and continuing inequalities in student access, experience and outcomes, UK HEPs are shining a critical light on their curriculum, considering how their pedagogies and practices might advance equality, enhance belonging and facilitate student explorations on the nature of knowledge and their roles in society.

This project is now closed

Registrations have now closed to participate in this project. However, you can now register to let us know of your interest in any possible future phases and related collaborative projects.


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Advance HE worked with 10 HEPs – at either the institutional, faculty, department or subject level – committed to collaborating to:

  • support the enhancement of sector-wide understanding of what embedding EDI in the curriculum looks like;
  • explore the obstacles to and opportunities available for embedding EDI in the curriculum, developing a picture of institutional/department/subject readiness for change;
  • identify and implement institutional/department/subject-specific EDI approaches to improve the learning and teaching experiences for their students.

Stage 1 - Collaborative network meeting

A full-day meeting that brings collaborators together to:

+ Explore the first-hand experiences of others in the sector who have developed work on embedding EDI in the curriculum;
+ Examine evidence based approaches to embedding EDI in the curriculum; and,
+Explore the practical challenges of changing pedagogy and practice, and how to overcome them.

Stage 2 - Institutional consultation

An Advance HE consultant will visit your institution to:

Meet with key staff and students to consider the issues and challenges more fully in the individual context, to identify / capture current effective practice, and to develop an understanding of levels of institutional/department/subject readiness for change; Co-develop with the institutional lead a bespoke, practical one-day workshop to enable the development of curricula that embed EDI at the institution. 

Stage 3 - Bespoke workshop at your institution

An Advance HE consultant will work with your staff and/or students to identify how lessons learnt can be put into practice in your institution.

Stage 4 - Project report

Each participating institution will receive an individual report highlighting key findings, success stories and broader recommendations for the project as a whole and bespoke to their institution.

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