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Developing inclusive institutions

Identifying challenges and developing strategies for sustainable change.

Do you need support to help create an inclusive institution which has a safe and transformative culture and prioritises wellbeing? Increasing challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic, endeavors to meaningfully progress equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI), and the need to create and maintain environments that promote good mental health and wellbeing demands good leadership at every level, especially as expectations and scrutiny mount. 

We can support your institution to:

  • understand what inclusion means and how it can be enacted at your institution
  • identify the behaviours and skills needed to lead inclusively
  • secure change in processes, structures, culture and people
  • understand and illuminate structural inequalities in order to dismantle current barriers to inclusion and reinforce and build on the enablers.

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"Over the past years, the sector has been experiencing change in a way not experienced before. At the time of designing the programme, the world of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) seemed to be an appropriate backdrop to start the alignment of culture, process and systems with wellbeing and values in order to assist in creating an environment that staff and students would thrive in. Advance HE not only understands this ‘tapestry’ of inter-woven elements. but also facilitates the design and delivery of discussion and understanding very effectively.”

Dr Sally Jackson, Chief People Officer at Sheffield Hallam University

Our approach

Advance HE has a deep contextual understanding of the challenges faced within higher education. We will work in partnership with you to develop a solution which fits the context of your institution, which can be fully holistic or incorporate one or a number of the elements below.

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Identifying your strengths and challenges

Using our expert Insights Team and tools such as surveys, audits, focus groups and interviews, we will work with you to provide an overview of how equality and diversity is perceived and experienced within your institution.

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Developing strategies for sustainable change

We can support you to both develop and adapt a visionary strategy robust enough to withstand uncertainties in the external environment, but also to implement and embed strategies into action across the organisation.

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Transforming culture

Using our four-stage Transforming Culture Cycle we provide scalable solutions to transform your culture. We can develop a long-term package of support involving one or more complete development cycles through to a single workshop-style intervention, from an initiative for the whole organisation to a project focussed on a single department.

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Staff development programmes and workshops

Our wealth of experience, the quality of our delivery and distinctiveness is

threaded through our delivery of staff development programmes and workshops. Using diverse and immersive experiential learning techniques, these provide participants with the opportunity to enhance their skills and become authentic leaders, delivered by facilitators from inside and outside HE with a deep and enduring knowledge of its wonders and challenges.

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Evaluating impact

Advance HE support builds in a phase in which we evaluate the impact of the solutions that have been undertaken. This can provide further impetus for the ongoing development of inclusive leaders as the world evolves.

Driving change to organisational culture in higher education and research

Advance HE’s Equality Charters aim to transform and support gender and race equality in HE and research. Charters remain a key part of supporting institutions to change practice relating to gender and race to build inclusive cultures.

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