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Services to Support Race Equality

Tackling racism and racial inequality with institutions.

We really want to support your institution to address racism and create places of learning and employment that welcome diversity, nurture talent and create sustainable change. We can help you remove barriers to education, employment and success, so that higher education can reach its full potential, and your diverse staff and students can benefit equally from the opportunities it affords.

Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are at the heart of our values as an organisation and provide the framework for the work that we do with our members and clients.

With tackling racism high on the higher education agenda, and with the understandably increasing scrutiny from students, staff, and regulatory bodies, we have a focussed offer on race equality.

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Our offer

We have flexible portfolio designed to meet your needs. The offer reflects the urgency for change, as articulated by society and particularly by BAME staff and students whose lives continue to be limited by racism and racial inequality. For institutions which are considering or on their journey to the Race Equality Charter, our portfolio is designed to support that journey.

Services are completely scalable and can cover all parts of an institution.

Often our work starts with a review or audit of the current institutional approach. Our EDI audit work can provide a baseline and recommendations as a starting point on an institutional journey, or to refresh and review an existing approach.

NEW Introduction to Race Equality e-Learning Course

Our new e-Learning course provides a simple solution to ensure all staff have access to a quality introduction to race equality. Based on a programme designed for the University of Surrey, this tailorable course is aimed at all staff within an institution and complements our other support in the area of tackling racism and race inequalities.

The course is more challenging and provocative than other offers and sets out race equality in the higher education context.

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In Conversation with Sustainability Leaders – Special Publication
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Supporting working towards the Race Equality Charter

For institutions which are considering or on their journey to the Race Equality Charter, our portfolio is designed to support that journey.

The Race Equality Charter provides a framework through which institutions work to self-reflect on institutional and cultural barriers standing in the way of (BAME) staff and students.

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Race Equality Charter - Working Towards

Find out more about our services to support race equality and tackling racism

Complete the form to find out more about our services to support race equality and tackling racism. Upon completion we will send you an information sheet and will be in touch shortly to discuss your requirements.

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