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Enhanced Insight Package

We have a number of chargeable enhanced insight services available. These are tailored to illuminate your survey findings and enable the dissemination of key messages with ease for maximum impact. Our enhanced insight products are designed to be accessible to anyone working in an institution with an interest in exploring the student experience.

Better understand areas of strength and opportunity within your institution in order to inform enhancement.

The Enhanced Insight Report enables you to explore the survey data in more visual ways, provides an executive summary and recommendations based on your results and is designed to be concise and impactful. The Enhanced Insight Report aims to highlight key areas for development, in order to support you in using the surveys for enhancement.

The report includes:

  • Summaries of key areas of strength and opportunity
  • Comparisons of key data points against the sector and previous years’ results
  • An exploration of “hotspots”: areas within the university that are consistently ranked above or below other key benchmarks
  • Correlations with overall satisfaction in order to understand key areas to target for enhancement

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Enhanced insights report


Detailed prices are available below. Please note all prices are exclusive of VAT.

Enhanced Insight Report

Single Survey - £2,000

Two Surveys - £3,000

Three Surveys - £4,000

Enhanced Insight Report with Presentation

Single Survey - £2,835

Two Surveys - £3,945

Three Surveys - £4,945

Presentation of results

Discuss your survey results with an Insights professional

Alongside the Enhanced Insight Report above we are able to provide a presentation and discussion of your results, enabling an opportunity for you to ask questions and talk through possible solutions with Advance HE. The presentation provides an opportunity to:

  • Begin the dissemination process amongst staff within your institution
  • Explore analysis of your results with an Advance HE insight professional
  • Place your results in context with the sector-wide picture
  • Discuss your results and areas for enhancement with an Advance HE insight professional.

Please note, presentation of results is not offered on a standalone basis and is only offered upon take-up of the Enhanced Insight Report.