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Aligning organisational strategy to Sustainable Development Goals: Sector Workshop

Workshops designed to support institutions to promote and utilise the SDGs to drive institutional change across their research, their curricula and their sense of place in the community.
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This offer has been developed to support education ministries or sector organisations who are looking to promote the utilisation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals across their higher education sector.

This workshop is designed to support a regional approach to promoting and utilising the SDGs to drive institutional change across research and culture, curricula and civic responsibility.

The workshop will bring together senior university leaders from institutions across a country or region to understand how they can utilise the UN Sustainable Development Goals to drive change across their research, their curricula and their impact on their community.

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At the end of the workshop, participants will have:

  • analysed a regional data-set of institutional performance against others in the THE Impact rankings
  • applied a strategic enhancement model, informed by their data, strategy, and mission, to their institutional practices in research, curriculum, community and civic engagement
  • reflected on the process, people and practice required to enable alignment of organisational strategy with SDGs
  • networked with other senior leaders from across their region responsible for actively driving institutional change in their region.
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This one-day in person workshop will bring together up to 30 Senior Leaders from institutions across the region.

The session will be informed by THE Impact ranking data for the region, allowing participants to identify regional strengths and explore national trends.


  • A Senior Consultant from THE will help participants develop an understanding of the THE Impact Ranking data and provide examples of best case evidence of submissions.
  • A Lead Consultant from Advance HE will facilitate application of the Strategic Enhancement Model to develop understanding of how the SDGs can drive institutional change.
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