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Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates for International Members

Our coronavirus (COVID-19) updates page for the latest information and advice for our international members

We have outlined below an update to our services for our international members.

We will be keeping this updated regularly with as many details as possible and will also be contacting members and individuals through our routine schedule of newsletters and emails.

If you have any questions relating to the information on this page, please contact

PSF Accreditation

If you have any questions around PSF Accreditation or would like to discuss anything regarding accreditation or your institution’s timeline please contact

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Visit support for Strategic and Global Members

Advance HE Strategic and Global Members are currently entitled to developmental support through a 3 day in person visit, or equivalent remote support, each membership year. A large amount of this support is already delivered remotely, as many institutions find that the option to have incremental support over a longer period, particularly for accreditation, can be beneficial. Advance HE has also successfully delivered online support for areas such as Fellowship writing, mentoring and standardisation training.

For the foreseeable future, all of this support will be delivered remotely. If the current situation with covid-19 means that it is not possible for you to take advantage of this support during the membership year, please contact us to discuss this and we will do our best to meet your needs. Contact Ian Hall, Head of Membership (International), with any questions.

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Advance HE Connect and Community Support for Members

Advance HE Connect will continue to the home of communities of practice and networks of staff within member institutions across the globe. There are groups across this platform supporting people to share challenges and solutions across a broad spectrum of professional and academic specialisms.

We will support emerging priorities such as online assessment, supporting student wellbeing at a distance and leading in times of crisis through Advance HE Connect in the first instance.

The Advance HE Connect Event Series of ‘Facing the Future’ and ‘Global Perspectives’ webinars will to continue as planned


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Many international visitors attend Advance HE open programmes and events hosted across the world. A large number of these events are being moved to online delivery or, where this is not appropriate, postponed to a future date. If you are registered to attend a programme or event, our team will contact you about arrangements for this, and there are details about the arrangements for specific events on the specific events pages we can be found using the link below.

Event information