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Teaching and Learning Conference 2021

Athena Swan FAQs: Results

The answers to some frequently asked questions about the results of the Athena Swan charter.

When will the results be announced?

Advance HE aims to release the results five months after the submission deadline; feedback for applicants who have been unsuccessful at gaining an award will also be sent at the same time. For applicants successful at gaining an award (both at the level applied for and at a lower level), the feedback will be sent after the results are announced. See the Athena Swan awards handbook for more information.

Will our submission be published online?

Due to Advance HE data protection policies, and the data protection agreements that are in place between us and Athena Swan applicants, we process submissions as confidential (including requiring panellists to sign non-disclosure forms,) and do not publish submissions ourselves.

However, we encourage all successful applicants to publish their own submissions online to allow for transparency and good practice sharing. We provide this GDPR briefing giving guidance on what redactions may be appropriate prior to publication.