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Athena Swan FAQs: Self-Assessment Process

Information about the self -assessment process in your Athena Swan charter application.

What is a self-assessment team?

To participate in the Athena Swan Charter, the submitting unit (e.g. university, department, research institute, faculty, institute of technology, etc.) will need to establish a strong and effective self-assessment team (SAT). Having an effective SAT and undertaking a thorough self-assessment is key to the success of an application and fundamentally, to the effectiveness of the process. More detail can be found in our webinar Getting Started with Athena Swan and guidance document to the self-assessment process. SAT Guidance July 2017 PDF SAT Guidance July 2017

Where can I find out more?

Members can access our pre-recorded webinar, which introduces the key points in getting started with Athena Swan, including:

  1. The principles, legal framework and sector context for taking action on gender equality
  2. The purpose and aims of the Athena Swan framework
    • Principles
    • Framework
    • Criteria
  3. How to get started: the Athena Swan self-assessment process
    • First steps: the process, application form, department or faculty application, Bronze or Silver application
    • Setting up your SAT: organisation, resource, Athena SWAN community
    • Data collection
    • Staff and student consultation
    • Future proofing
Watch the webinar