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How to submit in the April 2021 Round

How to submit your Athena Swan application, if you completed the intention to submit form for the April 2021 round.

An intention to submit for the April 2021 round must have been sent by 5pm, Monday 1st March 2021. We will not accept applications from applicants that have not submitted this form. If you have completed the intention to submit form but no longer plan on submitting, please let us know as soon as possible.

In order to support those members affected by the closure of schools and the recent lockdown, the deadline for the next Athena Swan round will be 28th May 2021. This gives all applicants a one-month extension to the submission deadline. Those members who are already award holders and require a longer extension, should consider requesting a one-year extension using the process outlined here. We hope that these extensions will provide sufficient flexibility for the majority of members but if they do not work within your context, please contact the team and we will explore options to accommodate you.

The deadline for sending us the electronic version of submissions for the April 2021 round is 5pm, Friday 28 May 2021. Submissions should be sent by email to

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Complete the form below and we will email you an information pack with links to everything you need.


Please note the letter of endorsement (section 1) must include the statement that the information presented in the application (including qualitative and quantitative data) is an honest, accurate and true representation of the institution/department, as specified on page 36 of the handbook (post-May 2015 process only). Please be aware that all applications from UK HEIs and research institutes must be submitted under the post-May 2015 process.

Once received, submissions will be acknowledged by us by email. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, this may not be until after the passing of the deadline. If you do not receive an acknowledgment that we have received your submission within five working days of the deadline please email us at

Although the Equality Charters team are happy to field questions at any time, be aware that the team is extremely busy in the days running up to and following the deadline and cannot guarantee to respond quickly to queries made.

All submissions are treated as confidential by Athena Swan and the judging panels. The fee for a departmental submission will need to be paid before the outcome will be released.

Hard copies

We no longer request or accept hard copies of applications. We recommend all figures can be read without colour as panellists may choose to print in black and white.

Word limits for submissions

The word count for each section must be clearly indicated in the submission document. If a submission is found to be over the word limit applicants will not have the opportunity to edit their application. Any application deemed by the review panel to have exceeded the word allowance will not be assessed.

Please view our word count guidance in our FAQs for and information pack further information.

Covid 19 – Extra Words

All applicants submitting in 2021 are offered 500-word extension to the application word limit to consider the impact of Covid-19 on your application. These words can be used to discuss practical impacts on the self-assessment process (e.g. format and timing of SAT meetings and/or membership; consultation methodologies; resourcing changes), on action plan implementation, or to address gender equality impacts of Covid-19 more. Applicants can use the additional words in a single section (e.g. ‘further information’) or throughout the application form. The additional words are available to all 2021 applicants meaning there is no need to apply for permission. Applicants are also not obliged to use the additional words if the self-assessment team determine that the application has not been impacted by Covid-19 or the words are not needed.  

Additional words

Applicants who have been awarded additional words must clearly and prominently state the reason for these being awarded and include the email from the Equality Charters team in which these were confirmed as part of the submission. The statement should cover how many have been permitted and where they have been used. Medical schools/departments are automatically eligible to receive these additional words, but must still request them from the Equality Charters team. Find out more information regarding timings and extensions, submissions and Advance HE support in our Athena Swan Covid-19 FAQs here.

We look forward to receiving your applications.

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