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Athena Swan: Remote Developmental Review

Remote Development Reviews offer participants the chance to receive feedback on a draft organisation-level application for free once per five-year cycle.

As part of our on-going support to Athena Swan applicants, we provide universities and research institutes the opportunity to receive feedback on a draft organisation-level application for free once per five-year cycle.

Please note: Applicants should request a review at least six weeks before the date they intend to send the draft to us.

What is a Remote Developmental Review?

Once per 5-year cycle, universities and research institutes can receive feedback on a draft Athena Swan application from an Advance HE Associate. Through a written report and a Zoom call, Associates will provide detailed feedback on the application and identify areas that may need further development.

​​​​​​When will we receive our Remote Developmental Review?

Applicants can book a Remote Development Review at a time that suits them, as long as they give Advance HE at least six weeks notice before sending us the draft.

Remote Development Reviews will most benefit applicants who are nearly ready to submit. We recommend booking a review for approximately 3-6 months prior to the submission deadline, allowing time for the review to be undertaken and for applicants to make revisions in advance of their submission.

What happens during a remote developmental review?

Stage 1: 
  • Institutions and research institutes book a remote development review using the booking form below, giving Advance HE at least six weeks' notice.
Stage 2:
  • Institutions and research institutes email us a near-final draft application by the agreed deadline.
Stage 3:
  • Institutions and research institutes receive written feedback from an Advance HE Associate within 3 weeks of submitting.
Stage 4:
  • A Zoom call takes place between the application key contact and Advance HE Associate to discuss the feedback (up to one hour in the week after they receive their written feedback).