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Call for interest in Athena Swan panel roles

Call for expressions of interest in UK Athena Swan assessment panel roles. An expression of interest is to be submitted by 12:00 (GMT) on Tuesday 1 February 2022.

Advance HE is now inviting expressions of interest in Chair and Reviewer roles for the transformed UK Athena Swan Charter.

Colleagues interested in applying for Chair and Reviewer roles should submit an expression of interest by 12:00 (GMT) on Tuesday 1 February 2022.

Register your interest in becoming an Athena Swan Chair and Reviewer here.

Application process

Role descriptions for Panel Chairs and Reviewers along with person specifications can be read in the Terms of Reference for UK Athena Swan review panels.

Colleagues interested in applying for Chair and/or Reviewer roles should submit an expression of interest by Tuesday 1 February 2022, 12:00 (GMT).

Our expression of interest form asks how you meet the person specification and your recent employment and education history.

Shortlisted candidates for Chair roles will be invited to interview between 9 February and 11 February 2022.

There are no interviews for reviewer candidates but successful applicants will be contacted and invited to participate in one day of training during the weeks commencing 14 February, 21 February or 21 March 2022. Panel members will be required to successfully complete training before participating in an Athena Swan panel. Panel members are required to observe panels taking place in the weeks commencing 7 and 14 March.

Who should apply

Every year Athena Swan panel members provide insight to applicants on their gender equality work and support the community of Athena Swan members to progress gender equality in the higher education and research sector. We invite expressions of interest from a broad selection of colleagues across the higher education and research sector, including:

  • Colleagues based at higher education institutions and research institutes of all sizes and focus areas;
  • Colleagues from all academic backgrounds;
  • Professional, technical and operational (PTO) staff, including those based within academic departments and those based in central directorates;
  • Colleagues of all genders.

We particularly welcome applications from men and people with expertise in Research Institutes or Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Business and Law subjects as these groups are under-represented amongst our existing panel members.

Why become a panel member?

Participating in an Athena Swan panel gives you an invaluable insight into the assessment process. You will come away with a more detailed understanding of how panels work and insight into how other institutions analyse their data and make progress on their action plan. Reading through multiple applications will also provide you with good practice ideas which could be implemented in your institution.

Becoming a panel member also gives you an opportunity to share your equality and diversity knowledge with peers from other institutions. It is an opportunity to build your professional networks and knowledge of equality and diversity.

What does being a panel member involve?

Athena Swan panels review Athena Swan applications, agree award outcomes and provide feedback to applicants. This peer review process maintains the standards of the awards and develops and provides credibility applicant’s gender equality work.

Full details on the Chair and Reviewer roles can be found in the Athena Swan panel terms of reference.

Panel members will be appointed by the Athena Swan Governance Committee for a fixed term of three years.

Panel members take part in approximately four Athena Swan review panels per year. All panel members are required to attend training upon appointment, and to attend yearly standardisation training to enable consistency of approach and decision-making.

An honorarium of £150 per panel for Reviewers and £200 per panel for Chairs is payable to panel members.