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Race Equality Charter: Frequently Asked Questions

The answers to some frequently asked questions about various aspects of the Race Equality Charter.

Advance HE's Race Equality Charters team are happy to answer questions about award applications by email: We recommend that you please read the FAQs in advance of getting in touch.

General information

Membership of the Race Equality Charter

- How does an institution become a member of the Race Equality Charter?
- What are the steps to applying for an award?
- Is there a fee for an award application submission?
- What happens if an institution is not successful in obtaining an award within five years of membership?
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Support from the Race Equality Charter team

- What are the contact details for the Race Equality Charter team?
- What is the level of involvement expected from the Race Equality Charter team before an application is submitted?
- Can a member of the Race Equality Charter team review an application prior to the submission deadline?
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Results and award validity

- Who is a member of the assessment panel?
- When will the outcome of an awards round be announced?
- Will successful applications be published online?
- How long is an award’s validity?
- When are the award rounds?
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Starting an application

- Which award should be applied for - Bronze, Bronze renewal or Silver?
- How long before submitting an application should the process begin?
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