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Race Equality Charter: Frequent Asked Questions

The answers to some frequently asked questions about various aspects of the Race Equality Charter

Advance HE's Equality charters team are happy to answer questions about membership or award applications by phone or email: Contact us. However, please read these FAQs and the awards handbook available in our information pack thoroughly in advance of getting in touch.

General information

Support from Advance HE

- How can we get in touch with the team?
- What input can we expect from Advance HE's Equality charters team?
- Can a member of Advance HE staff look at our submission prior to the deadline?
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Membership of Race Equality Charter

- How do I become a member?
- What is the difference between becoming a member and applying for an award?
- What happens if we fail to apply within three years of membership?
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Results and award validity

- When will the results be announced?
- Will our submission be published online?
- Is there an appeals process?
- How long is our award valid for?
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Application process

Starting an application

- Should we apply for a Bronze or Silver award?
- How long before submitting should we begin the process?
- How long before submitting should we conduct our survey?
- Is there a fee for applications?
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Word counts

- What is the word count for applications?
- What is included in the word count?
- Can we apply for a word count extension?
- Are quotes included in the word count?
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- Does data need to be broken down by UK/non-UK staff and students?
- Our numbers of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and/or students are small, do we have to disaggregate into specific ethnic groups?
- What should we benchmark against?
- Do we have to supply faculty-level data?
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- What does Advance HE mean by 'intersectionality'?
- What level of intersectionality detail is required within our application?

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Covid-19 FAQs

FAQS regarding timings and extensions, submissions and Advance HE support

- Due to the impact of Covid-19, we don’t think we’re going to be ready to submit in time, what can we do?
- Do we need to address Covid-19 in our submission?
- What support is Advance HE offering Athena Swan applicants during Covid-19 restrictions?
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Request a Race Equality Charter information pack

Whether you are ready to apply or would just like to find out more about applying for a Race Equality Charter award, complete the form below and we will email you an information pack with links to guidance documents and application forms.


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