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Student Engagement Conference 2021

Race Equality Charter FAQs: Data

The answers to some frequently asked questions about data in your application for the Race Equality Charter

Does data need to be broken down by UK/non-UK staff and students?

Yes. We know that UK and international staff and students can have very different experiences in UK higher education. Attempting to analyse combined data may lead to issues being overlooked or misinterpreting trends that are identified. Considering UK and non-UK staff and students helps to ensure that solutions are appropriate and targeted in the right way.

Our numbers of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic staff and/or students are small, do we have to disaggregate into specific ethnic groups?

Where possible, yes. We realise that some institutions will have very small numbers of Black, Asian, Minority ethnic staff and students and that can make data analysis difficult. At institutional level, please try to analyse the data in as much detail as possible. Where this is not possible, please explain that in your commentary and explain how your institution has progressed analysis and understanding and developed your aims and actions.

What should we benchmark against?

We would anticipate benchmarking your professional and support staff against local population data, with some consideration given to where your staff commute from, to get a sense of the diversity of your applicant population. For academic staff we would anticipate your institution being able to recruit from further afield, albeit acknowledging the potential limitations of your geographic location.

For students, we would anticipate you understanding where you recruit your students from, and creating an appropriate benchmark. For example, if many of your students are recruited from the local community, that is what you should benchmark against. If you recruit your students from across the UK, we would anticipate you using national benchmarks. There is no need to benchmark your international students, apart from comparing their performance and satisfaction with your national/UK students.

Do we have to supply faculty-level data?

Where it is possible to conduct faculty level analysis please provide this data, or provide an overview of the demographics in your commentary if the numbers are too small.