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Race Equality Charter: Remote Developmental Review

Remote Development Reviews offer participants the chance to receive feedback on a draft application for free once per five-year cycle.

As part of our on-going support to Race Equality Charter applicants, we provide universities with the opportunity to receive feedback on a draft Race Equality Charter application for free once per five-year cycle.

Please note: Applicants should request a review at least six weeks before the date they intend to send the draft to us.

What is a Remote Developmental Review?

Once per 5-year cycle, universities can receive feedback from an Advance HE Associate on a draft Race Equality Charter application. Through a written report and a Zoom call, Associates will provide detailed feedback on the application and identify areas that may need further development.

When will we receive our Remote Developmental Review?

Applicants can request to book a Remote Developmental Review at a time that suits them, as long as they give Advance HE at least six weeks’ notice prior to sending us the draft application.

Remote Development Reviews will most benefit applicants who are nearly ready to submit. We recommend booking a review for approximately 3-6 months prior to the final submission deadline, allowing time for the review to be undertaken and for applicants to make revisions in advance of their final submission.

Generally, the more complete your draft is, the more comprehensive and useful your feedback will be. As a rule of thumb, it is better to submit a whole rough first draft than one that is missing whole sections.  

Here is an example timeline outlining the key stages of the developmental review.

What happens during a remote developmental review?

Stage 1: 

  • Institutions request to book a remote development review by emailing the team at giving Advance HE at least six weeks' notice. (Indicative timing: First week in February).

Stage 2:

  • Institutions and research institutes submit a near-final draft application and an ‘interactive coversheet’ via email by the agreed deadline. (Indicative timing: Mid-late March).

Stage 3:

  • Institutions receive written feedback from an Advance HE Associate within 4 weeks of submitting the draft application. (Indicative timing: Mid-late April).

Stage 4:

  • A Zoom call (up to one hour) takes place between the applicant key contact and the Advance HE Associate to discuss the feedback. (Indicative timing: 1 week after feedback is received)

What is an ‘interactive coversheet’?  

An interactive coversheet is a dialogic feedback tool which encourages applicants to reflect on the progress of their draft and enables them to guide the feedback they receive from their reviewer. Applicants complete part of the document and submit it with their draft application. The reviewer then completes the other parts of the document and it is returned to the applicant along with an annotated draft. More information and guidance will be provided to applicants as they approach their remote development review. For more information about this, watch the video below.