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The transformed UK Athena Swan Charter FAQs: Deadlines

The answers to some frequently asked questions about various aspects of the transformed UK Athena Swan charter.

When are the submission deadlines for applications under the new Charter? How are the deadlines going to work?

There are 6 submission deadlines per year - applicants should notify Advance HE of their intention to submit at least two months in advance of their intended submission date. Please see dates of the upcoming submission rounds here.

Advance HE have written to all current award holders advising of the revised the start and end dates of each individual award. These revised dates have been calculated five years from the date your last award result letter. Based on this Advance HE have also proposed a new submission deadline for each award to assist institutions in spreading their awards across the calendar year - your award will be extended to remain valid until this date. 

Advance HE will contact all award holders six months before the expiry of their award to ensure they are ready to apply and have the support they need. 

Do applicants still need to notify Advance HE of intention to submit?

Yes. Applicants must notify Advance HE of their intention to submit two months prior to the deadline date. Please see the intention to submit deadlines here.

For further information or advice about how any of these developments affect you personally, please get in touch with the Charters team who can be reached by emailing: