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Higher Education Race Action Group (HERAG)

The Higher Education Race Action Group (HERAG) is made up of equality and diversity professionals, academics, students and other individuals interested in advancing race equality in higher education.

More information on the role and aims of HERAG can be found in the terms of reference and the HERAG strategy.

HERAG’s work is guided by its Steering Group, made up of academics and professional staff working in UK higher education who have an interest in advancing race equality. The current Steering Group members are:

  • Nona McDuff: HERAG Chair with special interest in HERAG strategy and lobbying for race equality
  • Kevin Coutinho: HERAG Vice-Chair with special interest in BME professional services staff
  • Professor Kalwant Bhopal: Vice-Chair with special interest in BME academic staff
  • Professor Jacqueline Stevenson: special interest in religion and BME students
  • Kanja Sesay: special interest in BME students and student partnerships
  • Sophie Mataba: special interest in BME student employment.

There are also advisers to the Steering Group who provide insights on specific issues:

  • Andrew Fisher: data analysis and usage
  • Dr Gurnham Singh: perspectives on race equality.

HERAG mailing list

Anyone can sign up to the HERAG jiscmail list, which is an opportunity to keep in touch with events, news and research on race equality in the sector, and to post anything which might be of interest to other members.

HERAG meetings

HERAG organises regular meetings for members. The most recent meeting took place on 18 October 2017 at Oxford Brookes University. The location and time of the next meeting is yet to be confirmed.

HERAG events

Since 2014 HERAG has organised an annual conference: the HERAG Think Tank. HERAG’s Think Tanks are an exciting way to progress HERAG’s ambitions of improving the progression and attainment of BME students and creating a clear career progression route for all BME staff.

  • Think Tank 1 – 23 June 2014: Studentship to Professorship: mapping the gaps and making changes for BME staff and students.
  • Think Tank 2 – 1 June 2015: Journey to close the BME attainment gap
  • Think Tank 3 – 20 June 2016: Creating inclusive learning and teaching communities: reflection and practice
  • Think Tank 4 –  14 June: An inclusive university – travelling the distance to turn policy into practice

HERAG Think Tank Resources