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What is your ethnic group?

Advance HE recommends providing explanatory text, such as ‘ethnic group is about the group to which you perceive you belong’.

As with all of the monitoring questions and response options, Advance HE recommends listing options alphabetically, for example ‘Arab, Asian, Black…’ etc.

HESA coding frameworks for response options differ in each nation, so it is recommended to check the links below for the response options for the nation in which your institution is based.

We recommend that you break down the categories as much as possible to explore the experiences of different minority ethnic groups in more detail.

For example, HESA do not require data on a range of white minority ethnic groups. However there may be issues specific to staff and students who identify as this, for example, Irish, Polish, other European.

While HESA collects data on ‘Gypsy or Traveller’, Advance HE recommends the wording Gypsy/Roma/Traveller. We acknowledge the limitations of this category, as these groups are different. Institutions could consider separating these categories into ‘Gypsy or traveller’ and ‘Roma’, though numbers are likely to be small.

When asking questions about ‘mixed’ ethnic groups, institutions can consider the wording ‘mixed/multiple’ in consultation with staff and students, which is inclusive of how some people identify.

Developments leading to the 2021 census are likely to lead to changes in ethnicity monitoring.