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New Governors of Scottish HEIs

For new governors and student governors of Scottish HE institutions and FE colleges offering HE programmes in Scotland.

Learning about the distinctive features of the role of court members in Scottish HE can be daunting for those stepping into the role, even for those with extensive experience in other areas.

This virtual event offers an opportunity for those new to the position to examine these facets, exchange good practice, and network with peers from other institutions.

The event also represents the first steps for new governors, whether they are stepping into governance for the first time or have been a governor in another sector and need to know more about the specifics of governance for HE in Scotland.

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Date: 21 October 2021 - Virtual

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9.30am - Welcome and allocation to breakout groups - Aaron Porter, Associate Director (Governance), Advance HE

9.50am - Policy landscape - David Lott, Deputy Director (Policy), Universities Scotland

10.30am - Understanding how HE governance works - Donna McMillan, University Secretary, University of the West of Scotland

11.15am - Break

11.30am - Student perspective on governance - Matt Crilly, NUS Scotland

12pm - Governance and finance - Malcolm G Cutt, Director of Operations and Finance, Queen Margaret University

12.30pm - Breakout discussions:
- How have you found your experience so far?        
- Describe your induction so far?        
- What has been most surprising?        
- Reflections on any previous meetings

1pm - Feedback

1.15pm - Summary and close


David Lott

Deputy Director
Universities Scotland
David Lott
David is Deputy Director (Policy) at Universities Scotland, the representative body of Scotland's 19 higher education institutions where he has particular responsibility for resources and governance issues.

Donna McMillan

University Secretary
Donna McMillan, University of the West of Scotland
Donna is University Secretary at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) with executive responsibility for corporate governance as Secretary to the Court, and academic governance as Secretary to Senate.

Matt Crilly

NUS Scotland
Matt Crilly
Matt is the President of NUS Scotland where he leads campaigning on behalf of 500,000 students across the country.

Malcolm Cutt

Director of Operations and Finance
Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
Malcolm Cutt
After completing a law degree at the University of Edinburgh, Malcolm trained as a Chartered Accountant with Whitelaw Wells & Co in Edinburgh, then moved on to work for one of the then “big eight” accountancy firms, which is now part of KPMG.
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