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Disabled Students' Commission (DSC) Online Roundtable Events

The DSC sought evidence and views from senior leaders, disabled students and those responsible for the development and implementation of their HEPs response to Covid-19 to inform initial recommendations.

The Disabled Students' Commission (DSC) is a new, independent and strategic group established by the Universities Minister to advise, inform and influence higher education providers (HEP) in England to improve support for disabled students. The Commission’s role is to identify and promote approaches which work well for disabled students.

Facilitated by Advance HE, the DSC ran a number of roundtable events online to gather input from disabled students, practitioners, experts, sector bodies and stakeholders regarding disabled student inclusion in light of Covid-19. The roundtables were intended for disabled students, senior leaders and those leading and implementing their HEIs response to support applicants and existing students during the current pandemic.

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