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Embedding equality in student services

Sharing key messages and trends found in your institution's equality data can help to improve the student service experience in your institution.

Our 2014 guidance Embedding equality in student services aims to help student services managers and staff to collect data effectively, recognise trends and patterns of student engagement and offers advice on how best to communicate the findings across your institution.

Understand patterns of engagement

  • Benchmarking your institution’s data against the national picture as well as other institutions can be helpful in identifying issues for your institution to address.
  • If your institution has a large campus spread across different sites it may be useful to look at if there are any equality issues in the take-up of different services by campus, focusing on type of course and protected group.

The University of Essex and the University of Brighton share their examples of how to collect equality data from groups less likely to engage.

Understand Patterns of Engagement

When communicating your equality data, consider:

  • Routinely sharing the information with relevant staff, working groups and committees
  • Reporting on who is using the service, when, and the types of enquires they have made
  • Highlighting trends and patterns of engagement
  • Tailoring the information to individual faculties or departments, relevant working groups and committees

The University of Kent has re-launched a staff Equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) network in order to maintain formal and informal lines of communication.

The University of Brighton has a student timeline that staff can access, which ensures that messages to different groups of students are refined and targeted at key points in the academic calendar.

Communicate and share key messages

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