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Recognise that parents often have a key role to play

Some parents felt that it was difficult to liaise with college staff as they believed that “they knew best”, and suggested there needed to be more professional humility and an understanding that parents are usually the primary expert regarding their own child’s needs.

“Professionals should be able to recognise that parents have a key part to play”.

Some parents accepted that there is a need for learners to become more independent, but felt that the additional barriers which disabled learners often experience (in comparison with non-disabled learners) increased their need for parental support.

“I do think one of the areas of difficulty is that when young people over 18 are expected to speak and act for themselves but are still not really fully independent. I want my son to be independent but it didn't just arrive like magic on his 18th birthday! It's a process and I think the parents should still be involved if possible into young adulthood”. Parent