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Strategic plan

A key role of the governing body is to examine and agree the institution's strategic plan. The Executive will typically propose a strategy by submitting a strategic plan to the governing body for its consideration. The governing body needs then to examine and question the proposed strategy, and assure itself that the proposed strategy addresses the opportunities and threat faced by the institution.


As most regular meetings of the governing body normally have very full agendas, a thorough discussion of a new strategic plan is likely to require specific time to be set aside. Typically, for example, this may involve the governing body holding a strategy day with the single item for discussion being the strategic plan.

In some institutions the detailed examination of the proposed strategic plan may be undertaken by a Strategic Development (or similar) committee, which reports on its findings, and makes recommendations, to the full governing body.

Additional resources

Briefing note 10: Strategic plan

A responsibility of Governors is to examine and agree the provider’s strategic plan. Normally, the head of the provider will bring forward a draft strategic plan for consideration, discussion and ultimately approval by the governing body. However, the actual process by which a governing body discharges its responsibility to approve the strategy plan varies between providers.
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Getting to grips guide

The Getting to Grips on 'Being a New Governor' devotes Chapter 5 to the topic of 'developing institutional strategy and measuring performance - the role of the governing body'. The text suggests determining and approving an institutional strategy 'remains one of the most challenging areas of governance' (p35)
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