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For many institutions students are the single largest source of income and vital to the institution's survival and sustainability. As a consequence, the quality of the student experience and the ability to attract students to the institution, especially now many students are paying higher tuition fees, is of high importance.


Governing bodies are responsible for a number of student-related matters and normally expected to ensure:

  • all aspects of the student experience are consistent with the institution's mission and strategic direction.
  • services and processes are in place to provide student support.
  • they carry out any statutory responsibilities in relation to students which cannot be delegated.
  • student unions operate properly and within regulatory requirements.
  • student appeals, complaints and disciplinary procedures are conducted in accordance with regulatory requirements.

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Briefing note 11: Monitoring performance

Once a provider’s strategic plan has been agreed, the role of the governing body is to monitor its delivery and the achievement of the planned outcomes. To facilitate their role, governors will typically agree with management a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) to be monitored. Consideration may also be given to the extent to which the KPI cover short- and/or longer-term time horizons.
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