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The Hidden Curricula of Higher Education

Call for submissions: The Hidden Curricula of Higher Education

The Hidden Curriculum is a well-recognised phenomenon in compulsory education. It concerns the knowledge, norms, values and attitudes that underpin the educational system and is conceptually used to explore the unstated rules of education.

Our aim with this publication is to reconcile existing knowledge and understanding of the hidden curriculum in compulsory education and transpose it to Higher Education (HE), as well as widening the scope of enquiry to be inclusive of a wide range of students.

Submission details

The closing date for submissions is 5pm (UK time) on Tuesday 29 October 2019.

Your proposal might focus on a particular group or groups of students eg BAME, working class, autistic, care leavers, gender, mature and so on. Alternatively, it might focus on more thematic or broader issues such as curriculum design, assessment, transitions, strategic planning, national policy, or lexicon. It could blend these or take an entirely different approach. All proposals must focus directly on the issues of learning and teaching.

We are seeking proposals for either evidence-based case studies of good practice, or thought leadership pieces on what the sector can do assist these student groups and/or tackle these issues of hidden curricula.

To be considered submissions should be no more than 500 words in length, fully referenced, and engage with the following three questions:

  1. Which group(s) of students or thematic issue(s) do you propose to focus on?
  2. Will you write an evidence-based case study, a thought leadership piece, or something else?
  3. Outline your main findings and conclusions (for case studies), or line of argument and position (for thought leadership). Highlight why this is of particular interest and how it contributes to the sector’s understanding of the issue(s) raised.

Submissions and queries should be sent to the editor clearly titled “Hidden Curricula in Higher Education”.