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The Art of Teaching: A model for the lecture in the 21st century

A paper from the HEA's Annual Conference 2006.

This paper which follows up a session from the 2004 national conference discusses a modern approach to the art of teaching in the 21st century.

The primary role of the lecture today is not to disseminate content. In order to add value to the student experience it must: address areas of weakness exploit live performance to elucidate and/or inspire students (or ideally all of these!).

The F4 model of lecture design and delivery is adoptable across disciplines levels of study and class sizes and may provide a solution to many of the challenges posed by large cohorts widening participation and lack of student engagement. The principal characteristic of the F4 model is the integration of the four elements of feedback fixation formative assessment and fun (FeFiFoFun) within the lecture. Ideally the lecture becomes an event a piece of theatre that engages students on both conscious and subconscious levels.

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