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Black and minority ethnic student degree retention and attainment

Between January and June 2012 the Higher Education Academy (HEA) delivered a retention and degree attainment learning and teaching summit programme.

The summit was designed to gather research and consider the evidence about the contribution of the curriculum (in the broadest sense) to Black and minority ethnic (BME) student retention and success in higher education and the implications for policy practice and further research. The summit comprised a series of activities designed to generate collect and review evidence and the synthesised outcomes were presented at a two-day residential event attended by senior institutional managers and national policy makers.

This resource reports on the outcomes of that summit:

  1. The institutional research undertaken as part of the summit.
  2. Responses by delegates at the residential to both the institutional research as well as initial findings from an analysis of HESA data by BME student groups in relation to disciplines modes of study and other student characteristics considering both retention and achievement.
  3. A set of 'guiding principles' underpinning further recommendations designed to specifically address the key question: "how can the curriculum enhance the retention and success of BME students in higher education"?
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