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BME staff network: institution 1


  • The [institution] black and minority ethnic staff network.


  • Develop networking opportunities for BME staff within the [institution].
  • Create a working and learning environment in which all students and staff feel comfortable, respected and valued.
  • Have a formal place at the equality and diversity committee where the chair or their representatives can feedback on issues arising in the group.
  • Communicate though the equality and diversity committee and other official channels, concerns and requests for information etc to resolve concerns and improve the work environment.
  • Develop and encourage external speakers and contacts to bring a wider perspective to the work.
  • Disseminate best practice and ideas to network members and beyond as appropriate.
  • Work with the equality and diversity unit on events of celebration and/or information sharing.
  • Support each other in sharing and discussing issues in a separately convened and run support group.
  • To provide a separate support group where members may share experiences. This will be separate from work with the equality and diversity unit.

Working methods

  • A chair and assistant chair will be elected every two years at the first meeting of the new academic year.
  • Close work in liaison with the equality and diversity unit.
  • Chair or nominee to represent the BMESG.
  • To be supported by the equality and diversity unit with access to equality and diversity unit funding as available, for discussed and agreed events.
  • Together with other chairs of staff networks to meet with the vice-chancellor twice a year.
  • To request and use monitoring and other institutional data and information to inform actions.
  • Review and comment on relevant policies and act as a forum for consultation for new developments.
  • To build network communication with the university structures to assist consultation and raising of issues.
  • To set up a separate support group which will be run by the members, who will select a separate chair/convenor.

Chair’s role

  • With the assistant chair, call and chair at least two meetings a year with the support of the EDU in organisational matters (booking a room and sending out invitations)
  • With the chairs of the other three networks meet with the vice-chancellor and chair of the equality and diversity committee twice a year to raise key issues.
  • Decide with network members how the support group (separate from the business group) is to be organised.
  • The first chair will with the group consider this draft constitution as the basis on which the network meets.
  • Represent the network at the equality and diversity committee


  • Open to all BME employees of the [institution].
  • The lead person on BME issues from the equality and diversity unit.

Committees and working groups

  • The chair may convene a committee to support her/him in their role.
  • Working groups may be set up to work on specific projects.

Meetings and proceedings of the network

  • The network will meet at least twice a year.
  • Meeting dates to be arranged by the chair meeting (arrangements to be supported by the equality and diversity unit).
  • Support group meetings to be arranged by those attending (room booking by equality and diversity unit if required).