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BME staff network: institution 2

The [institution] black and minority ethnic network

The aim of the [institution] BME network is to provide an authoritative voice for BME staff in the university and associated companies. The network seeks to uphold the ethics and principles of the race equality legislation and work, with the support of the university, towards improving the career prospects and opportunities for BME staff.


We welcome and encourage participation from all BME staff in the [institution] who by virtue of their race, colour or ethnic origin are identifiable as being different from the ethnic majority. Whilst recognising the differences between BME communities, the network will act as an acknowledgement both of the commonality of our experiences and recognition of the need for common strategies to overcome any inequality.

The network is open to all members of staff at the [institution] and associated companies, irrespective of whether or not they are members of campus trade unions.

The network seeks to have the cooperation of the university and management to allow BME staff facility time to the network meeting and use of appropriate university facilities, eg booking rooms.

Aims of the network

  • To promote race equality through active involvement and consultation on the university’s strategy, policies and guidance on race equality
  • To campaign and lobby on race equality by preparing submissions to public consultations, public forums and university governing bodies
  • To work closely with other units or centres including the equality and diversity unit, and organisations which campaign for race equality in the university, such as the race relations centre, the university students’ union and the campus trade unions
  • To provide the opportunity to share experiences about working at the university
  • To provide support, guidance and signposting where appropriate

Purpose of the network

  • To support and monitor the practical implementation of the Race Relations Amendment Act (RRAA) within the university and to assist in the review of race equality and anti-racist culture in the day-to-day operations and practices of the institution.
  • To offer mutual support and advice to all BME staff in the university and signposting any staff member to the appropriate resources where necessary.
  • To act as a channel for communication and consultation between BME staff and senior management via the equality and diversity team within the university.
  • To lobby the appropriate people, bodies and authorities (for example the equality and diversity forum) to progress issues facing BME staff in the [institution]; in particular, career progression, professional development and senior executive opportunities.
  • To work with the university and equality and diversity team in reviewing information which suggests any direct and indirect forms of discrimination faced by the BME staff and students in the [institution] and to share the lessons learnt from such cases.
  • To support and work closely with other race equality networks in higher education institutions in the [region].

The materials published on this page were originally created by the Equality Challenge Unit.