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BME staff network: institution 3


  • Volunteer convenor: [name]
  • Volunteer manager of BME portal workspace: [name]


Any staff member is de facto a member of BME network and can attend meetings. Access to the private Workspace for BME staff is arranged by the convenor of the workspace.


Network meetings are held out of work time and this can be problematic on many levels. So all meetings are held either at lunch time and a few after work. We have yet to find the most mutually convenient time and have discussed meeting on a weekend day by organising an attractive event. During the past year meetings have been less frequent due to work commitments, and difficulty in finding convenient times and dates to meet.


[Institution] has provided an online workspace, allows for meetings and has financed a black history month event.

[Institution] has also provided funds for network publicity leaflets and some funding for refreshments at a few meetings earlier in the network’s development. As far as I am aware, all networks (carer’s, women’s, disability, LGBT&Q) can apply for funding for events or resources. There is no set budget and most reasonably argued requests are met.

So far BME has not asked for any funding but has successfully argued for funding support for CPD training in personal effectiveness designed to meet the needs of BME staff.

The materials published on this page were originally created by the Equality Challenge Unit.