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Building transnational and cross-discipline bridges in Materials Science and Engineering Education as a methodological approach: Far away journeys of self-discovery - STEM Conference 2018

We will discuss our experience of working in a transnational/cross-discipline setting in Science and Engineering at the Queen Mary University of London Engineering School (Northwestern Polytechnical University of Xi’an in China). Working in a transnational/cross-discipline setting has provided us with deep awareness of our teaching and learning practices as we negotiate these with practitioners from both a diverse institutional background and disciplinary community. This has provided a fertile environment to challenge and therefore improve our practices both transnationally and locally. An emerging consideration from this experience is the opportunity to exploit this transnational/cross-discipline setting as a methodological approach in teaching and learning approaches and curriculum design rather than simply successfully navigating it. The aim of this session is to introduce and explore this proposal generating debate in the context of a critical but enthusiastic audience to enable it to take further shape and consolidate.  

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