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Cardiff University - Academic Governance

Cardiff University introduced, in 2014-15, an Annual Quality Report that is submitted to the Academic Standards and Quality Committee and Senate. With the decision by HEFCW to require an annual assurance from governing bodies on quality and standards, starting from 2017, the Report provides a ready-made foundation on which Council can base its judgements. The CUC Code of Governance sets out that such a report can help governing bodies discharge their responsibility regarding academic affairs and many institutions have developed a report along these lines.  

The Cardiff University Report is notably comprehensive; it takes a risk based approach; and it gives an explicit assurance that confidence can be placed in the quality and enhancement of education. It anticipates the assurance requirements by acknowledging that the Council is publicly accountable for quality and standards.  

The Report breaks the quality system into its component parts including external examining, collaborative provision and gives each area a red/amber/green risk rating. In each area the report draws on qualitative and quantitative evidence and actions for enhancement are set out. The Report summarises the periodic reviews of programmes and collaborative activities that have been completed in the year and details independent sources of assurance such as from professional bodies.  

Senate scrutinises the Report and advises Council members on the reliance they can place on the oversight of education.