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Career development learning and employability

This guide is designed to help higher education staff understand more clearly the relationship of career development learning to strategies designed to enhance the employability of students.

Career development learning is concerned with helping students to acquire knowledge concepts skills and attitudes which will equip them to manage their careers i.e. their lifelong progression in learning and work.

The guide is aimed particularly at:

  • staff who are responsible for curriculum design
  • staff within teaching departments and careers services who are responsible for the delivery of curriculum components concerned with career development learning.

Themes covered include:

  • the nature of employability strategies within higher education and the place of career development within such strategies (Section 3)
  • the nature of career development learning (Section 4)
  • ways in which career development learning can be implemented within higher education (Section 5)
  • the roles of teaching departments and of careers services in implementing career development learning (Section 6).
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