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Socially Distanced Campus and Education

Creating Socially Distanced Campuses and Education Project - Leadership Intelligence Report - Induction


Traditionally, university induction has followed a well-worn formula, with set-pieces delivered at institutional, faculty/departmental and Students’ Union levels to a fixed, reliable, calendar. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted this certainty. Prospective students in many national contexts have seen their schooling conclude abruptly, depriving them of key milestones both academically (e.g. examinations) and socially (e.g. the end-of-year prom), and resulting in an extended period of time away from their studies. They are now being asked to make decisions about the next stage in their studies in an educational environment which is hugely uncertain and absolutely unprecedented.

The aim of this publication is to draw together the high-quality conversations which emerged from the five SDCE workshops, to share information, inspiration and intelligence, and co-create solutions to specific aspects of the challenge from the discussions through enquiry rather than advocacy.

SDCE Project - Leadership Intelligence Report - Induction
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