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Curriculum Design Symposium: The Hidden Curriculum - Addressing old teacher deficits rather than new student demographics

Finding inclusive higher education pedagogies is important. However some preoccupation with diversity risks over-emphasising student deficits while ignoring teacher shortcomings. These include a tendency to prioritise knowledge transmission without revealing and developing the practices needed to process critique and transform that knowledge. Transmission can expertly model knowledge construction but fails to develop students’ feelings of agency or of connection with the people and values they encounter in higher education.


Workshop participants will explore these issues using existing methods combined to reveal and develop the above hidden practices at the same time fostering motivation self-esteem and generative agency.

3.2 James Wilkinson Presentation_TheHiddenCurriculum_Symposium_18.07.19.pdf
3.2 James Wilkinson Presentation_TheHiddenCurriculum_Symposium_18.07.19.pdf View Document