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Developing and enhancing undergraduate final-year projects and dissertations

This book which is the result of a National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) project undertaken by Mick Healey Laura Lannin Arran Stibbe and James Derounian from 2010 to 2012 explores how to engage students in the production of knowledge. It is unique in that it draws on global case studies and presents a framework for assuring that students completing an undergraduate degree – irrespective of the diversity of programme institution or mode of study – are better equipped to make sense of and apply their undergraduate learning through the teaching research nexus.

The book is rigorous drawing upon the full range of recent literature. Through its case study approach with over 70 exemplars drawn from across the world it will be of exceptional value to the reader. I commend this excellent book to all higher education teachers grappling with the purpose organisation facilitation and possible modes of ‘evidencing’ best practice in the delivery of learning.

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