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Disciplinary perspectives on internationalising the curriculum

This project provides a systematic institution-wide review of how the knowledge activities and values associated with internationalising the curriculum are embedded in different academic disciplines.  The data reveals a greater extent and diversity of engagement with internationalising the curriculum than is regularly reflected in course documentation though the degree of invisibility varies between and within broad disciplinary areas. It is clear that there are a wide variety of approaches used for internationalising the learning experience from the use of international staff and students within cohorts to overseas travel and virtual link-ups.  Internationalising content through the inclusion of global exemplars and perspectives was quite common across all subject areas as were adaptive approaches for teaching diverse students.  Activities based on deep forms of collaboration with partners were less common as were strategies focused on social justice on a global scale. There was little evidence to suggest that these patterns were in any way disciplinary-specific.  However while there are commonalities in the range of implementation techniques employed there are clear differences in how some activities are used and deployed between disciplines which appear to relate to the basic ethos and natures of these subjects and the proximity of academic study to professional practice as well as individual academic interest.

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