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Diversity of governors in higher education 2022

In this report, Advance HE offers evidence that diverse and inclusive governing bodies which comprise different opinions, experiences and insights can better support strategic decision-making which address the needs, interests and expectations (NIEs) of all stakeholders.

The report builds on and develops the ideas and arguments presented in ‘Diversity of Governors in Higher Education’ published in 2020 and provides a number of new analyses. It draws on the enhanced HESA records for the academic years 2018-19 to 2020-21 and for the first time:

  • compares Board diversity data with data about academic staff, offering a unique analysis of Board diversity in the context of higher education institutions, and;
  • explores the characteristics of governors, providing an intersectional analysis of diversity that illuminates the range and depth of diversity across UK HE Boards.

Working with our members – which now number more than 400 higher education providers from around the world – and other partners in the sector, Advance HE draws on and shares insights into good practice and ‘what works’ in a number of key themes including governance and leadership, teaching and equality, diversity and inclusion. In terms of effective governance, our insights and expert subject experience show the value of diversity in our Boards; and the importance of ongoing efforts by the sector to make even more progress in this regard is reinforced through the evidence of this report.

Download the report below.

Governance Conference 2022: Governing in the interests of students

24 November 2022, Face-to-face
BMA House, Central London

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Diversity of governors in higher education
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