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Diversity of HE governors in Scotland

A supplement to the recent Diversity of governors in HE report, this short document summarises the diversity of governors in Scottish higher education institutions.

In the 2020/21 HESA return there were data from 18 Scottish institutions that detailed the demographic characteristics for Governors. This is the widest coverage to date and allows a picture to be drawn of governance in Scottish institutions, alongside a comparison to the UK profile. There were not sufficient responses for an intersectional analysis. 

There is also a summary of the data from Welsh institutions which is available here.

Download the report below.

Diversity of HE governors in Scotland
Diversity of HE governors in Scotland View Document

Diversity of governors in HE - UK wide report

In this report, Advance HE offers evidence that diverse and inclusive governing bodies which comprise different opinions, experiences and insights can better support strategic decision-making which address the needs, interests and expectations (NIEs) of all stakeholders.

The report builds on and develops the ideas and arguments presented in ‘Diversity of Governors in Higher Education’ published in 2020 and provides a number of new analyses. It draws on the enhanced HESA records for the academic years 2018-19 to 2020-21 and for the first time:

  • compares Board diversity data with data about academic staff, offering a unique analysis of Board diversity in the context of higher education institutions, and;
  • explores the characteristics of governors, providing an intersectional analysis of diversity that illuminates the range and depth of diversity across UK HE Boards.
Access the full UK report here.