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Embedding mental wellbeing in the curriculum: maximising success in higher education

This report generates principles for designing and teaching the curriculum that takes account of the links between mental wellbeing and learning in ways that  can help to maximise success for all students and staff.

The primary focus of the work is on the curriculum (and the role of those involved in its planning and delivery) rather than on student support services. In particular the researchers examine approaches to curriculum planning delivery and assessment which seek to:

  • minimise unnecessary stress for students (and staff)
  • promote understanding and awareness of mental wellbeing and distress (outside health and social care disciplines where this is core content)
  • take account of students’ own experiences of mental wellbeing and distress
  • promote effective learning and teaching that complements the work of support services

The report is the outcome of  the Embedding mental wellbeing in the curriculum research project   funded by the HEA and undertaken by REAP (Researching Equity Access and Participation) group based in the Department of Educational Research at Lancaster University. 


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