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The Employment of History Graduates

A research report exploring the transferable skills and employment opportunities of History graduates.

This report is published as a companion piece to David Nicholls' 'The Employability of History Students'. That report focuses on the preparedness and capacity of history students for employment while this one is concerned with the jobs and careers they enter. It is hoped that taken together the two reports will provide clear information for students teachers careers officers and employers on the skills that are typically developed by a history education and the careers open to those who have pursued such an education.

There are three main parts to this report:

  • the employment of history students six months after they have left university;
  • the employment prospects of graduates three years after graduation;
  • and the investigation of the longer term career prospects of history graduates.

The report concludes with observations on the relationship between the History curriculum and employment prospects and with pointers for further research some of which are taken up and considered at greater length in The Employability of History Students.

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