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Engaged student learning: high-impact strategies to enhance student achievement

The principal aim of this research project was to produce asystematic review of the academic literature on high-impact pedagogical strategies and student engagement in learning within higher education in order to provide answers to the questions outlined below:

  • Which pedagogies are commonly used in disciplines to generate engaged student learning?
  • For which of these pedagogies is there a robust evidence base evaluating the effectiveness of the pedagogy in generating student engagement?
  • What are the key elements of effective practice that are identified within this literature?
  • What gaps are there in the existing literature in relation to: (a) discipline specific pedagogies that are not widely evaluated and for which there is a strong prima facie case that they are high impact; (b) the scope for the existing evidence bases to be further strengthened and developed.

The report includes ten case studies drawn from the literature review to exemplify how high-impact pedagogies across the four main discipline areas were being used within specific disciplines.

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